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Plastic molding

Individual approach · Mass production · Comprehensive assembly

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About us

OSMOS, sro was founded in 2005 as a trading company.

In 2018, we opened our own press shop, transforming it into a trading and manufacturing company.

The entire process from design to dispatch of products is monitored by a production planning and control system and complies with ISO 9001 standards.

Serial production of plastic products and assemblies, including complex assembly and packaging, takes place on our own machines and equipment.

We are a company with a long tradition and above-standard quality, thanks to which 90% of our production travels to various EU countries.


The company’s goal is to provide clients with products and services of high quality, availability and functionality in the field of plastic molding


In our operation we use modern technologies, thanks to which we achieve top quality production

Tederic injection molding machine
with a closing force of 650 tons

and a 3-axis Wittmann W833 robot

Haitian Jupiter III 450/2230 Injection molding machine
with a closing force of 450 tons

and the 3-axis robot Sepro Success 33

Tederic D450 / i3200 s
closing force 450 tons

and a 3-axis Wittmann W 831 robot

Injection molding machine Tederic D350 / 1900 s
closing force 350 tons

and a 3-axis Wittmann robot W831

Tederic D200 / 850 CE injection molding machine
with a closing force of 200 tons

3 axis Wittmann W818 robot

Tederic D130 / 510 CE injection molding machine s
closing force 130 tons

OSMOS Plastics s. r.o.

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